Communication Manager

It’s this very family feel that I love about BARNES Corse, and which for me makes all the difference…

Tell us about yourself

Originally from Vendée, I moved to Corsica at the age of 4. Having always lived in Porto-Vecchio, I did all my schooling in the region. I’m now 19 and starting my second year of a DUT (technical diploma) in marketing with BARNES Corse.

Why BARNES Corse ?

First of all, BARNES Corse is an international brand, so it was its reputation and prestige that immediately attracted me. But it’s more than just a real estate agency, it organizes and participates in numerous events with the aim of getting closer to its customers and creating bonds within the team. It’s this very family-oriented side that I love about BARNES Corse, and which for me makes all the difference.

 What is your role at BARNES Corse ?

BARNES Corsica is a real opportunity for me in terms of professional training, my aim being to learn and get to know as well as possible all the professions covered by the company. I’m currently part of the communications and reception department, attached to the Bocca del Oro branch. But I can’t wait to find out how each branch of the company works.

What do you do to feel good?

I think it’s important to be positive and do what you enjoy. As for me, I like drawing, sports and above all spending quality time with my friends and family…

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