Marie Pietri

Marie Pietri

Sales Consultant

“Besides being a great story, BARNES Corse is a great family …”

Tell us about you ?

A surveyor by training and after three years of experience in the capital, the time to find my island seemed obvious to me. It was with determination that I embarked on the BARNES Corse adventure. It has now been two and a half years since I joined the team.

Why BARNES Corse?

First of all, for the BARNES group and its international reputation. Then, because the team adopted me and trusted me from the first meeting. The BARNES Corse adventure is a daily challenge that allows me to grow professionally and relational. In addition to being a great story, BARNES Corse is a big family!

What is your mission at BARNES Corse?

I am a sales consultant, I take care of selecting the most beautiful properties in the areas of Haute Corse and the west coast for my clients, whom I support in their acquisition project.

What are you doing to be well?

I use new technologies that allow me to keep a constant connection with my relatives, my clients and the team. I enjoy playing sports at home and cooking good meals … eating well, that is to say taking care of yourself!

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Marie Pietri


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