Reception and Concierge

“My goal is to ensure that every aspect of your vacation is unforgettable”

Tell us about you ?

Literary training, and after having obtained a diploma in tourism, I very quickly entered the working life by working in the hotel industry. Passionate about customer relations, it was with pleasure that I joined the BARNES Corse team.

Why BARNES Corse?

BARNES Corse is for me a personal challenge, international notoriety and a united team thanks to the trust and support which I occupy today in my position.

What is your mission at BARNES Corse?

I have been in charge of reception, rental and concierge for almost a year and my role is to ensure the relationship between our future clients and our consultants, whether in the field of sale or that of seasonal rental. As a concierge and accompanied by local partners who want to amaze you, my goal is to ensure that every aspect of your future vacation is unforgettable.

What are you doing to be well?

I recommend listening to music … and dancing in your living room!

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