Related professions

Related professions

The luxury and real estate market is constantly evolving, new investment opportunities are regularly offered to a clientele always looking for new trends. As a result, our network is enriched by new services and related businesses.

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Related professions


We also provide you with a service specializing in the sale of buildings offered for sale in blocks or cutting, and thus offer investors a specific expertise for this type of property.

Our agency is able to precisely enhance your building and accompany you in the sale and all its stages. From expertise to marketing, the expertise of the Barnes network ensures a service that meets your requirements.

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Luxury yachting knows a growing craze. From seasonal rentals, purchase and sale of yachts, to mooring, maintenance and crew management, this market requires real expertise.

For this reason, our agency offers tailor-made solutions for its customers. Because of its location in the heart of the Mediterranean yachting has become obvious and experiencing a boom in full expansion. It is therefore natural that our agency offers you the advice of this new service.

With the expertise of the Barnes Yachts department we accompany you in your yachting project. The premium partner ALTHAUS LUXURY YACHTING based in Monaco will bring you all the experience of its international clientele.

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Corsica has become a recognized land for exceptional wines. Investors are now paying increasing attention to quality vineyards and estates. Indeed, the prospects and the passion generated by this particular investment sector count for a lot in this craze.

By relying on the island experts and the knowledge of the Barnes network in the wine sector, Bordeaux in particular, we can answer all your questions. Whether it concerns the production, the technicality, the expertise of the existing, the development opportunities, our agency will study in depth with you all these points which make the specificity of this market.

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The objective of BARNES HOTEL BANKERS is to support its sellers and investors clients throughout their projects, by providing them with the knowledge they need to make the most of their assets, in the strictest of confidentiality.

We offer skills for every need: estimating the value of walls and diagnosis of commercial performance, a sales and marketing strategy corresponding to your expectations, the search for potential investors, the selection across a wide range potential business assets in line with your search criteria, Project Ownership Assistance for potential works, repositioning of the image and marketing strategy.

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Renovation & Decoration

Personalized expertise for managing your artistic heritage.

BARNES now offers a new service in art consulting by creating a dedicated department: BARNES GLOBAL ART ADVISORY. Because prestigious real estate and the world of art are today closely linked, both in the “good living” and in the valuation of heritage, BARNES offers its expertise to its international clientele. A true safe haven and pivot of the new strategies of affluent investors, art is a dynamic, buoyant, expanding market that is constantly enriched by creative signatures and new expressions.

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Financing & Investment

In a context of globalization, BARNES Investment Consulting aims to meet all the expectations and legitimate requirements of an exceptional clientele by providing a wide range of tailor-made services.

With listening and discretion we offer a service at the forefront of excellence in financial investment: Financing in partnership with merchant banks, advice on tax optimization, inheritance, heritage solutions, search for the best montages …