Sainte-Lucie-de-Porto-Vecchio Region

Sainte-Lucie-de-Porto-Vecchio Region

Luxury real estate between sea and mountains

Saint Lucia has become a sector that can not be ignored because of its exceptional location. Between the beautiful Pinarello Bay and its unspoiled hinterland the area offers a diversity of sites with unique quality, all rich with potential in full development in the luxury real estate market.

Saint Lucia of Porto Vecchio is a village located in the municipality of Quenza, bordered on the south by Lecci and Conca to the north. The locality has grown significantly in relation to the development of tourism activity in the region. Indeed the town has become one of the most famous destination in southern Corsica, both for the quality and beauty of its environment and particulary for its magnificent bay, but also for the charm and tranquility of its different neighborhoods. Among the best known La Testa, Taglio Rosso, Fautea and of course Pinarello.

The latter town is certainly the most famous of all, with its unique marine village and beaches with turquoise waters lined with pine forests … The bay is undoubtedly a little piece of paradise that we never tired of rediscovering .

The village of Saint Lucia allows you to enjoy the usual services and shops, but the marine village of Pinarello offers you to see a spectacular view of the bay and a unique atmosphere with its many upscale establishments that it is particularly pleasant to discover at the end of the season with the now famous Jazz Festival

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