Elsewhere in Corsica

Elsewhere in Corsica

Other areas of the island of beauty

Corsica is too vast to present all its sectors and remarkable sites, so many opportunities for discovery, the crush is not always where we are waiting

Elsewhere in Corsica … It is beautiful to walk the island of beauty we are always surprised to (re) discover its landscapes. Far from the beaten track is sometimes the rare property sought. And the island offers a multitude of sectors and each has its particularities and charm.

For this reason we propose here some emerging or more confidential sectors. From Bastia and Cap Corse, Porto and its coves, the center of Corsica and Corte, the coast of nacres or even the region of Propriano, it is difficult to go around.

That’s why we are always looking for the rarest or most unique properties from the north to the south of the island. On this page we offer a selection of prestigious properties located in the least expected sites that will hit the destinations of tomorrow.