Bonifacio area

Bonifacio area

The Genoese town in the extreme south of Corsica

A unique panorama facing Sardinia facing it, the majesty of the cliffs that plunge into the sea, a territory planted with olive trees and maquis lined with typical low walls, an exceptional historical heritage, and a first-rate housing stock rich in opportunities … Bonifacio will surely seduce you

Bonifacio is a very suitable sector for those who want to buy a villa or a plot of land and invest in a large-scale real estate project, because what characterizes the micro-region economically is above all the good health of the real estate market. prestige and luxury. No more emblematic places, from the famous marina or the bay of Piantarello to the area of ​​Sperone. All have allowed the region to shine internationally and make known the beauty of its unique setting in the world.

How to present the place without mentioning the incomparable beauty of the beaches facing Sardinia. Off the famous Lavezzi Islands and those of Cavallo. While to the south the beaches of Fazzio and Tonara dominated by the church of the hermitage are characterized by their wild beauty. A protected environment maquis plunging into the sea, small paths lined with low walls and olive trees, wild creeks … Not to mention of course Bonifacio lele same, the citadel city perched on the height of its limestone cliffs.

The town is rich in a luxury housing estate, contemporary villas by the sea or land with views or inland. This is the guarantee of a first-rate investment and the pleasure of laying root on a land of rare charm. This is what can be promised to anyone who wants to settle in Bonifacio and the surrounding area.

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