Baptiste CIRELLI

Baptiste CIRELLI

Sales Consultant
Commercial Agent

Créer cette relation de confiance très enrichissante avec mes clients …”

Tell us about yourself ?

Having lived in all 4 corners of our magnificent island, and having been immersed in the world of real estate since my earliest childhood, it seemed obvious to me to make it my profession…. It’s a daily challenge, and I’m enjoying it to the full.

Why BARNES Corse ?

In my opinion, BARNES Corse is a symbol of excellence and prestige, so as soon as the opportunity arose, it seemed an obvious choice. BARNES Corse combines both the family spirit and the beauty of our island, values I hold dear.

What is your job at BARNES Corse ?

I’m a transaction consultant specializing in the south of Porto-Vecchio, and particularly the Santa-Giulia, Figari, Sotta, Pianottolli and Suartone areas… I accompany my customers and select tailor-made properties for them. It’s a fascinating job… and above all, what I enjoy most is creating this highly rewarding relationship of trust with my customers.

What helps you recharge ?

To recharge my batteries after a hard day’s work: Nothing could be simpler than being with my family, playing sports and enjoying our magnificent landscapes.

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Baptiste CIRELLI


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