The seaside sector of Ajaccio

One can only fall in love with Porticcio with its breathtaking view of the city on the other side of the bay, its white sandy beaches with clear water, and the quality of its establishments by the sea. or it is good to live by the sea, dynamic but peaceful all year long

Porticcio is one of the coastal municipalities integrated in the large Ajaccio, located on the southern shore of the Gulf the locality is also the favorite seaside resort of the Ajaccians: the water is crystal clear, the view of the city unique, and there is some of the most fashionable establishments. Indeed the restaurants, glaciers and shops by the sea are all the charm of Porticcio. That’s why it’s a very dynamic sector especially during the summer season.

The micro region enjoy an increasing development and good economic health, in the sector of tourism and real estate, with a will to preserve the quality of life which makes the fame, but also the tranquility and the enhancement beautiful setting of Ajaccio Bay.

Near the center of the imperial city, at the crossroads of the various axes towards the extreme south of the island and the center Corsica Porticcio allows you to discover the surroundings easily, it is the other asset of the municipality.