Nightlife in and around Porto Vecchio

February 5th, 2024

After a relaxing afternoon sunbathing and enjoying the warm sands of Porto-Vecchio’s beaches, the evening invites you to enjoy the mild summer evenings and discover the nightlife that southern Corsica has to offer. Porto-Vecchio comes alive at night, offering a wide range of activities for all ages and tastes. The town is packed with trendy places to enjoy unforgettable evenings! The town is packed with trendy places to enjoy unforgettable evenings! For those who prefer a quieter atmosphere, the terraces of cafés and ice-cream parlors are perfect for a moment of relaxation. Iconic wine bars, enlivened by Corsican songs and guitars, offer an authentic and convivial experience. For an intimate and elegant evening, opt for a lounge bar with a breathtaking sea view, where you can enjoy sophisticated cocktails. What’s more, with the many events organized in the surrounding towns, such as night markets, you’re sure to find an activity to your taste to enrich your evenings in South Corsica. In this article, we offer you a first glimpse of how you can spend your evenings during your stay in Porto Vecchio.

Strolling along the harbour

Porto-Vecchio’s marina is the vibrant heart of the town, offering a wide selection of gourmet restaurants, ice-cream parlors and wine bars. Taste Corsican specialties based on top-quality charcuterie and typical cheeses, as well as traditional recipes based on fresh fish from the daily catch, savor an artisanal ice cream with unusual flavors, or let yourself be tempted by a freshly caught lobster in a warm and lively setting.
It’s also the perfect opportunity to walk along the quays, where you can admire the historic center from above, which watches over the port and the Gulf. The port is also a mecca for yachting in Corsica, where you can admire the many prestigious yachts and boats preparing for the day ahead.

A walk through the old town

Don’t miss a visit to Porto Vecchio’s old town, situated on a hill overlooking the sea and the marina below. It’s a typical historic center of narrow streets and a central square, now home to ice-cream parlors and terrace bars, but all along your walk you’ll discover a number of highly sought-after upscale boutiques.

It’s also an opportunity to learn more about the town’s history, with a visit to the Genoese bastion, now an exhibition site, and the ramparts that line the old town. And if you feel like it, you can spend the evening to the sound of guitars and Corsican songs in the town’s wine bars. Finally, we recommend you keep up to date with the latest news at the cinémathèque in the upper town, which offers daily screenings, retrospectives, shows…

A cocktail on the beach

An unmissable way to enjoy the charm of a summer evening: enjoy a cocktail by the water with your head under the stars! All the beaches around Porto Vecchio are home to establishments that offer à la carte menus and original cocktails, all with their feet in the water… a unique atmosphere that will take you to the other side of the world, or to Ibiza, as it’s not uncommon for straw huts to invite DJs or bands to set the mood! Venues vary according to the season, but it’s mainly around the beaches of Santa Giulia, Palombaggia and St Cyprien that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Discovering the starry sky

The Lecci and Ospedale astronomy clubs offer a calm and relaxing activity for local astronomy enthusiasts. Discover Corsica’s starry skies and let yourself be lulled by the stories, myth and legend, represented by the constellations. For this outing to be a success, however, you’ll need clear skies, so keep an eye on the weather…

A few must-see addresses

L’Othello. Nestling in the heart of Porto-Vecchio’s citadel, the Othello Bar invites you onto its panoramic terrace to enjoy a selection of cocktails, spirits and tapas in an atypical setting overlooking the bay of Porto-Vecchio.

L’Alba Cabaret-bar, where the musical program changes throughout the evening, starting with Corsican songs for purists of authenticity, then expanding to French and international variety. This musical journey takes spectators on an adventure alternating between bucolic moments and bursts of nocturnal madness.

B52’s in Bonifacio offers a relaxing lounge atmosphere during the day, before metamorphosing into a pre-club by night, infusing the port of Bonifacio with a vibrant energy with electrifying sets from resident and international DJs as night falls.

Night markets

Explore the night markets for a refreshing shopping spree, where you can find quality handicrafts. These markets, stretching from Saint-Cyprien to Porto-Vecchio and including Aléria and Solenzara, are a highlight of summer evenings. In Porto-Vecchio, every Thursday evening, from 7pm to midnight on the marina, come and meet local craftsmen and designers, and enjoy the festive atmosphere as you stroll among the stalls.

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