Discover the landscapes of Porto Vecchio

April 4th, 2019

Located in southeastern Corsica, the region of Porto Vecchio, is the main seaside resort of Corsica after the region of Calvi, Balagne and Saint Florent. The Porto Vecchio area extends from Rondinara beach in the south to the Alta Roca massif in the north if you go down inland. We will, through this article, make you discover the beaches and beautiful landscapes that you can admire while crisscrossing the region of Porto Vecchio.

The beaches with turquoise waters of Porto-Vecchio

Fautea beach

Located in the small town of Saint Lucie of Porto Vecchio, the beach of Fautea is a beach protected by the conservatory of the coast and is dominated by a Génoise tower.

Gulf of Pinarello

Located in Saint Lucie de Porto Vecchio also, the Gulf of Pinarello is bordered by a pine forest and is home to beautiful beaches. White sand, turquoise waters and a small fishing port in the center of the marine villa, here is the decor that you will discover in the Gulf of Pinarello.

Saint Cyprien

Beautiful beach located a few minutes from Porto-Vecchio, the beach of Cyprien will dazzle you with its turquoise water, its red rocks, and its renowned beach establishments, all overlooked by a Genoese tower. A perfect beach to come enjoy the sea with family thanks to the water activities and shallow water on the first meters.

Cala Rossa

Located in Lecci, the beach of cala rossa offers an incomparable peaceful and discreet atmosphere. Bordered by the famous private estate of Cala Rossa, the beach is a place of tourism of very high standing. A turquoise water that blends perfectly with the sumptuous hands of Bavella that you can admire in the background.


With a unique view of the port entrance and the exit of the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio, Benedettu beach is located at the end of the peninsula of the same name. A feeling of serenity emerges from this quiet beach open on the open sea. A sector of choice in luxury real estate.

Golfo Di Sogno

This beach has good conditions for various sailing sports and offers excellent marine anchorages. Especially occupied by the holiday center it nevertheless offers a unique setting on the Gulf of Porto Vecchio and it is easily accessible from the city center and the area of Cala Rossa and Benedettu


Ranked among the most beautiful beaches of L’Ile de Beauté, with its sand dunes and pink rocks, the beach of Palombaggia offers an idyllic setting for your holidays. Perfect for family holidays thanks to its shallow turquoise waters. Palombaggia extends to the south with the beaches of Tamaricciu and Acciaghju.

Santa Guilia

Located south of Porto-Vecchio and bordered by a mountain, santa Giulia bay offers a beautiful setting thanks to its lagoon and its many kilometers of fine sand. The area offers many opportunities for activities thanks to its dynamic and professional nautical base. The beach of Santa Giulia is one of the most famous beaches of southern Corsica.


Simply indescribable, the bay of Rondinara is an exceptional site. This shell-shaped bay is a beautiful place offering anchorages for the delight of sailing enthusiasts to discover a unique beach in an idyllic setting.

There are still many other beaches around Porto-Vecchio, but we have chosen to present here a sample of the most beautiful beaches that you can discover by coming for your holidays in Porto-Vecchio.

The hinterland of Porto Vecchio

One of the main characteristics of the surroundings of Porto Vecchio is the presence of pine forests that you can see everywhere around you during your walks and hikes.

You can also admire the prehistoric sites that are very present in the vicinity of Porto-Vecchio. The site of Castellu d’Arraggiu, which is located in the hamlet of Palavese taking the direction of Zonza, has particularly caught our attention. Indeed the monument is really impressive with its wall and offers an incomparable view of the region.

The discovery of the Ospedale

As you sink further into the land you will discover the massif of Ospedale and that of Alta Roca.

Once past the village of Ospédale, you will discover a magnificent view of the entire Gulf of Porto-Vecchio. Continue your journey to admire the lake further upstream. Your journey continues a little further with the discovery of an impressive waterfall of 60 meters named Piscia di Gallo. To get there, simply park on the large car park at the beginning of the hike. Then, an hour of walking will suffice to reach the waterfall and admire it.

A panoramic view on the extreme south of Corsica

We invite you to discover a panoramic view of Southern Corsica from the north of the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio to the port of Propriano. To discover this magnificent view, you must go to the hamlet of Cartalavonu, and park at the end of it. Then, you will start a small hike and follow the markings to finally enjoy this panoramic view of southern Corsica time to taste local produce qq Local that you can buy at the famous hostel hamlet.

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